eeepc 900 now install with fedora 9 using SDHC card inserted in the builtin reader

change the BIOS setting to boot from card reader.
connect external DVD reader with DVD burned with Fedora 9 i386 image
select the atl2 network driver
deselect the internal SSD harddisks and let Fedora 9 install only to the SD card
after 1+ hour install. It boots successfully
The built in wired connection work so I can connect to internet and post this message.
Change the display to 1024×768 under the menu (System/Display)
logout and login again then change the resolution to 1024×600 using System/Preference/Hardware/Screen Resolution

Problems noted:

Battery life checking not work quite well
Wireless lan not configured after first boot – This is now solved by yum –enablerepo=livna-testing install kmod-madwifi. ¬†Thanks¬†

Next steps:

updating new packages and refresh the systems
Finding way to enable wireless
Need to check if the built in web cam work – it works nows but can I disable in BIOS but still work? Default BIOS setup is to disable WebCam

Another nice documents