TP-Link 1043ND with OpenWRT

By default,  wifi was not enabled by the firmware.  Use the following command to enable

ssh -l root
inside router

opkg update
opkg install hostapd wpa-supplicant kmod-ath9k

Now you can go to the luci menu > Essentials > Network > wifi to enable and provide password

To enable DDNS

opkg luci-app-ddns

configure it luci menu > Essentials > Dynamic DNS

run Adobe Photoshop Elements 6 with MacOSX case sensitive filesystem

1. Install to case insensitive OS first and activate it to run
2. create dmg formatted and mounted as case insensitive. Copy files installed to /Applications of the mounted dmg
3. copy files under /Library/Application Support, /Library/Preferences and /Applications/Utilities to target case sensitive OS
4. transfer the dmg created in step 2 above to target OS and mounted there. Run the application from the mounted dmg which will fail
5. download Adobe license fixing dmg from Adobe and run to fix the application in step 4