Fedora 10 now work natively with eeepc

/dev/sda1 – 100m for /boot
/dev/sda2 – 3700m for /
/dev/sda3 – rest for swap
/dev/sdb1 – all for /usr

Webcam work by changing /Sys/devices/platforms/eeepc/camera to 1
Wifi works perfectly
Wired network works perfectly
Skype works mean mic, speaker & webcam ok
Vlc works fine
Install vmware server 2.0

Change uid in MacOSX


echo dscl . -change /Users/xxx UniqueID 501 new_uid
echo dscl . -change /Users/xxx PrimaryGroupID 20 new_gid
echo chown -R : /Users/xxx
echo ls -n