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WordPress : Blog Software Review
From Sheila Ann Manuel Coggins,Your Guide to Web Logs.
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The Bottom Line
Compared with other stand-alone weblog platforms like Movable Type (MT) and Greymatter, WordPress is relatively easier to install. It also doesn’t take up as much server space. With great interface and powerful features, it’s one of the best weblog software available. And, since it’s continuously being updated, you’re sure to get some of the latest technologies available to bloggers.
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Free to use for both personal and commercial sites.
Great built-in features such as preview, categories, blogrolls, etc.
Highly extendible and customizable through plugins and template editors.
Instant updates without the need to ‘rebuild’.
Continuous development by open source community.
Current Rich Text Editor needs to be improved in functionality and use.
Requires some technical knowledge in order to install and run the program.
Susceptible to comment and trackback spamming.